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Simple fundraising efforts create a lasting impact!

Do you have passion for the outdoors? A desire to learn and share more about our hunting heritage? Volunteering with Ducks Unlimited is a great way to have fun while meeting new people and getting involved with your local hunting community.  


No matter the age, there are volunteer opportunities aplenty! People across the country help with Ducks Unlimited conservation efforts — Ducks Unlimited Varsity for high school students, Ducks Unlimited University for collegiate students, and hundreds of local fundraising chapters.


Join nearly 60,000 volunteers who help host over 4,000 fundraising events each year! Together, through selling tickets, gathering donations, securing sponsors, and contacting government officials we have raised over $50 million in donations for North American wetlands. 


Become a volunteer today and help us continue to preserve and support the beautiful wetlands we all love and enjoy!

Volunteer for Ducks Unlimited!

Thanks for volunteering!
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