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Welcome to the Utah Ducks Unlimited Opportunity Drawings

Below are opportunity drawings currently being held by Utah DU. For all drawings listed you need not be present to win. Must be 18 years of age or older to purchase and win. Winners are responsible for any applicable fees and taxes. Winners of a firearm must be able to pass all background requirements to obtain a firearm and all prizes must be claimed within 30 days of notification or the firearm or prize will be retained by Ducks Unlimited. All state and local laws apply - please check your local regulations. 

Waterfowler's Choice

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Support Desert Ducks (Price) Chapter. Proceeds will go towards helping there chapter hold its annual banquet.

Camp Chef .png
Missed out on this opportunity to see Garth in Concert?
Check back later as we will have more opportunities for your chance to see Garth Brooks in Las Vegas with a 2 night's stay at Caesar's Palace.
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Great Gun Giveaway Winners

160. Bryan German
159. Bryan German
158. Shawn Davis
157. JD Anderson
156. Corbin Linde
155. Darrin Kean
154. Tim Lewandowski
153. Tim Lewandowski
152. Brandon Allred
151. Calvin Rankin
150. Matthew Romer
149. Richard Trujillo
148. Brandon Allred
147. Darrin Kean
146. Darrin Kean
145. Brandon Allred
144. Bryan German
143. Gordon Maatsch
142. Larry Scheetz
141. Glen Paulsen
140. Nathanael Mole
139. David Evans
138. Jeff Mcnutt
137. Larry Scheetz
135. Ben Wamsley
134. Brandon Allred
133. Michael Mettler
132. John Hale
131. Brandon Allred
130. Shawn Davis
129. Shawn Davis
128. Daniel Golightly
127. Brandon Allred
126. Shawn Davis
125. Pearl Kotter
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