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Here is your opportunity to win some AWESOME prizes! Each ticket has a chance to win 12 firearms!


 **This is a virtual/online event - attendance not required**

If you purchase a $100 pack you also receive an entry to a special drawing to win the Ducks Unlimited Handgun of the Year, a DU edition Colt 1911 .45 ACP. 

If you purchase your tickets prior to November 30th you will be entered in for an opportunity to win a Howa M1100 with scope 17HMR.


Day 1 ~ Sean M. Ticket #726W
Day 2 ~ David S. Ticket #269W
Day 3 ~ Tucker A. Ticket #235W
Day 4 ~ William S. Ticket #244W
Day 5 ~ Lynn H. Ticket #210W
Day 6 ~ Ryon P. #609W
Day 7 ~ James M. #532W
Day 8 ~Drew A. # 420W
Day 9 ~ Jana F. #356W
Day 10 ~ Sean M. #725W
Day 11 ~ Lewis R. #
Day 12 ~ Tyson H. #360W

Early Bird ~ Pat W. 
Bonus Draw ~ Dennis C. #687W

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