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Get in shape for waterfowl hunting season with a new firearm -

For just $20 you could find yourself with a new gun in the marsh this season while helping to conserve those very wetlands. A new winner every day in the month of August - don't miss your chance at this exclusive opportunity!

Waterfowl Days (1).png

All firearm regulations must be met before you can receive a firearm. All prize winners will be responsible for any fees (shipping, FFL transfer, taxes, etc.) Firearms will be shipped to a FFL near the winner.  All prizes must be claimed within thirty (30) days after the notification is made. After 30 days, all unclaimed prizes become the property of Utah Ducks Unlimited. Utah Ducks Unlimited reserves the right to modify any prize if needed based on manufacturer’s available inventory. Pictures of the guns may vary slightly from actual gun.

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