Ducks Unlimited Virtual Olympics

October 12th - 16th 7pm MT

Virtual Olympics.png

Ducks Unlimited Virtual Olympics will be held LIVE on Facebook on the Utah State Ducks Unlimited page. You do not have to have Facebook or view the event each night to participate. Winners will be notified after each nightly competition.


Each entry will receive 3 scores per sport per night! A maximum of 50 entries per night ~ $20 per entry.


Olympic Sponsorship $80 - includes a combined medal earned prize* Olympic Sponsorship sales end Monday October 12th at 10am. 


Each night will be a different Olympic sport, Swimming, Diving, Gymnastics, Archery and Triathlon.


Medalists will split 50% of the registrations for that night, Gold Medal 25%, Silver Medal 15% and Bronze Medal 10%.


For example, if we sell all 50 entries in a night the prizes would be $250, $150 and $100. Winners can choose a cash prize or items from our exclusive DU catalog.


*We will track Olympic Sponsorship Holders medal count from each night (each sponsorship is separate) and the Sponsor with the highest combined medal count from each night will win their choice from the Sportsman’s Banner – so purchase an Olympic Sponsorship!


Questions? Contact Debbie Welder ~ dwelderutahdu@Hotmail.com

Purchase online via the form below or email Debbie Welder