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Prize Schedule

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Day 1 - 12/14 Stephen Stock
Day 2 - 12/15 Ryon Price
Day 3 - 12/16 Dave Thiel
Day 4 - 12/17 Todd Feist
Day 5 - 12/18 Lawrence Scheetz
Day 6 - 12/19 Cody Roskelley
Day 7 - 12/20 Tracy Wilson
Day 8 - 12/21 Corey Barton
Day 9 - 12/22 Edward Ehrenberger
Day 10 - 12/23 Michael Sutton
Day 11 - 12/24 Burney Czupich
Day 12 - 12/25 Trent Pulham
Bonus - Whitney Rickenbach

Federal law requires a completed BCI. check or a current Concealed Handgun License prior to transferring ownership of any firearm. If a potential firearm purchaser/winner does not qualify by law, they will not receive the firearm. Our DU chapter is not responsible for problems involving state computer systems or failure to qualify by any individual purchaser or winner.


The firearm must be picked up from our FFL partner in Salt Lake City - any transfer or shipping fees to other FFL dealers are the responsibility of the winner.